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The NCH Tone Generator is a powerful sound wave creation software that empowers users to generate rich, natural tones and manipulate audio to produce desirable results. With an intuitive interface and advanced editing options, this audio tool makes it possible to create custom waveforms that can be used to generate signals for production, testing, and a mixture of other purposes.

Main Features
  1. Generate waveform configurations – The NCH Tone Generator allows users to create sound waveforms with powerful editing options that can range from simple Sine waveforms to more complex waveforms like Pulse or Triangle wave.
  2. Audio Frequency spectrum analysis – An audio spectrum analyzer tool allows users to accurately measure the frequencies of sound waves and determine the spectral components of waveforms.
  3. Generate sine, square, ramp and triangle waveforms – Produce both amplitude and frequency modulated wave shapes, including Sine, Square, Ramp, and Triangle waveforms.
  4. Supports multiple channels – Generate several waveforms with different parameters in different channels.
  5. Controls wave amplitude & pitch – Through an adjustable pitch interval, users can control the waveform pitch and amplitude for precise waveform generation.
  6. Automated tests – Generate automated tests and program data results with the ability to save, calibrate and transfer waveform files.
  7. Scientific graphs – Ability to measure and graph the waveform and amplitude spectrum.

Alternatives to NCH Tone Generator

NCH Tone Generator has a variety of alternatives for those seeking a similar sound wave software. Examples of alternatives may include Audacity, GoldWave, and Audiosoft StereoTouch.

Pros & Cons of NCH Tone Generator

The NCH Tone Generator comes with a great range of benefits to users, some of these include: advanced waveform editing, automated testing abilities, and the support of multiple channels. However, some of its features may be too complicated or advanced for some users, causing the need for additional instruction or training.

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