Developer Tools

Find useful tools for database administration, website management and software debugging

RStudio Windows

RStudio is a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment, optimized for R language, that embeds several tools in order to provide users the means to build scripts, create plots or compile codes,

rstudio-1.4.1717.exe exe 148.95 Mb 2 Descargar

OpenSSL Windows

Increase the security and stability of applications by developing or modifying them with embedded SSL and TLS cryptographic protocols. The suite supports console commands and a database for

openssl-1.0.1.tar.gz gz 4.25 Mb 1 Descargar

R for Windows Windows

R for Windows is a GUI for writing code in R language and performing the statistical and graphical analysis. With advancement in technologies such as BIG DATA, Data Analytics, and Data Science, it

r-4.1.3.tar.gz gz 33.4 Mb 0 Descargar

XAMPP Windows

Create and interpret code in the PHP and Perl programming language. The tool also includes Apache HTTP Server and MariaDB database. Xampp is a free package of web services developed by Apache

xampp-windows-x64-8.1.1-2-vs16-installer.exe exe 164.91 Mb 0 Descargar

Ubuntu Windows

Ubuntu is a free Linux distribution based on the powerful and stable Debian platform. Ubuntu is an African word meaning 'Humanity to others', bringing the spirit of free software. Current version is


Python Windows

Generate and update software by writing its code in the programming language that boasts extensive libraries as well as broad interoperability. Written and executed code is optionally tested and

python-3.10.5-amd64.exe exe 27.31 Mb 0 Descargar

Microsoft Visual Studio Windows

Microsoft Visual Studio is a complex software program, that has a powerful integrated development environment, with support for Android, iOS, Windows, web and cloud, and which offers a complete set

vs_community__38e4cda4f8f044799fcb960b46533e10.exe exe 1.41 Mb 1 Descargar

Ruby Windows

Ruby is a programming language installer designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto. The idea behind Ruby is to have an object-oriented programming language, similar to Perl and Smalltalk. The program

rubyinstaller-2.4.2-2-x86.exe exe 8.38 Mb 0 Descargar

Microsoft SQL Server Windows

Manage relational databases and store and retrieve files used by other programs. Perform various data manipulating operations, including querying, adding, updating, and removing data. View predictive


Android Studio Windows

Make your own apps for Android, directly from your computer. The tool includes code editing and debugging features, a system for instantly deploying your creation and a fluid app building

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