Teaching Tools

Download popular teaching tools for computer: Proteus, Scratch 2 Offline Editor, SMART Notebook Software

jose Windows

jose is a graphical chess analysis tool made in Java. Thus, it should be supported by most operative systems, since Java is, well, everywhere. The application allows you to keep a record of chess

jose-13401-windows.exe exe 8.85 Mb 0 Descargar

Kidspiration Windows

Uses visual thinking methodologies to create a cross-curricular visual workspace for K-5 learners to grasp essential skills in reading, writing, math, science and social studies. Provides graphic

kidspiration3ie_win.exe exe 73.18 Mb 0 Descargar

SMART Notebook Software Windows

Displays various lessons from different domains in an interactive way with support for SMART Document Camera. Provides a way to send lessons from PC to the SMART board. SMART Notebook 10 is a

smart17-0web.exe exe 26.92 Mb 0 Descargar

Proteus Windows

Create PCB projects and customize them in the special integrated environment with tools for advanced configuration of every link. It supports over 800 microcontroller variants and creates simulations

prodemo.exe exe 321.57 Mb 0 Descargar

Plagiarism Checker X Windows

In order to check if your original content has been plagiarized anywhere on the Web or the level of originality of a certain text-based content, Plagiarism Checker X can do all the revision work for

plagiarismcheckerx_setup.exe exe 16.16 Mb 0 Descargar

Scratch 2 Offline Editor Windows

A graphical programming language that helps to learn design basics. Allows to create various animations, interactive stories, games, etc. The editor also provides a possibility to add your creations

scratch-456.0.4.exe exe 58.21 Mb 0 Descargar

NetSupport School Windows

Control the activity of students working with computers in a classroom, monitor the progress of task-fulfillment, control collaboration access, assess the presented results and present learning


Oxford Learner's Thesaurus Windows

Oxford Learner's Thesaurus is a dictionary of synonyms and opposites that helps learners of English distinguish between similar words and use them correctly. No two words are exactly the same. The


As Simple As Photoshop Windows

Photoshop is by far the most widely used graphic design program. Nevertheless, there are few people that can be considered as its expert users. This program is a virtual course on how to use

asap.exe exe 8.36 Mb 0 Descargar

SMART Ideas Windows

With SMART Ideas, you can create multilevel concept maps that take students through concepts one step at a time for greater clarity. And you can easily convert the maps into a multipage website for

setup.exe exe 39.48 Mb 0 Descargar
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