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Playing with the big boys - No need to be intimidated by the big boys any longer. App is an innovative software that can hold its own with the major players and even offer certain advantages. It is free and simple to download which makes getting your business up and running with AnySend quickly, and affordably.

5 Tips to Use App
  1. Keep All Your Documents in One Place - Instead of wasting time putting everything in multiple application, with AnySend you can collect all of your documents, then easily share and collaborate, wherever you are.
  2. Queue up Files the Easy Way - With AnySend, you can queue up multiple files and all will be sent at the same time with a single click.
  3. Request Files Quickly - Requesting files from coworkers, friends and family is easy with Software. Just use the Request File button and enter the recipient's email address and the files you need.
  4. Make An Impression - Add flair to your file transfers by customizing the background of the download page. This will let the recipient know that your business is professional and up-to-date with Program.
  5. Never Expertations to Expire - AnySend ensures that your files remain accessible and never expire.

Main Functions of AnySend
  1. Security - AnySend encryption will keep all your data secure while you're transferring files.
  2. Transfer Multiple Files - With AnySend you can transfer multiple files with a single click, including Dropbox files, which other software don't allow.
  3. Send Big Files - You can send files up to 10-15 Gb or even more, so you can easily share large documents and media files.
  4. Collaboration - AnySend makes it easy to collaborate with others on your projects or documents. You can easily send, receive, and manage files to keep others up-to-date on the latest version.
  5. Accessibility - There is no limit to the number of recipients, so you can share files with as many people as you like.

Alternatives to AnySend

There are a few software solutions available that are similar to AnySend. These include DropSend, FileWhopper, Jumpshare, and WeTransfer. All of them offer similar features and services like sending large files, easy transfer of multiple files, and secure encryption of data.

Pros and Cons of AnySend

  1. Easy to download and use.
  2. Offers secure encryption of data.
  3. Allows transfer of multiple files at once.
  4. Can send big files up to 10-15 Gb or more.
  5. No limit to the number of recipients.

  1. Not as comprehensive as some of the big players in the software field.
  2. Not as widespread as some of the other solutions.

Download Program today to experience the advantages it can bring to your work. Automation and secure transfers will limit communication issues and easily keep your files organized and accessible. Download Software and secure your data from being compromised.

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At SoftRaze we check all files with multiple anti-viruses to protect you against any malicious software. Our team performs a scan each time a new file is downloaded and periodically checks the files to confirm or update their status. This way you can be assured of the reliability of our sources and the security of the software.

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