Popular downloads for mind-mapping productivity software. This category includes applications for taking notes, organizers, address books, etc.

Calendarscope Windows

Calendarscope is calendar software which can be used for planning work, setting reminders, scheduling meetings, important events, vacations etc. This is a handy tool with lots of built-in features

calendarscope-setup- exe 7.56 Mb 0 Descargar

Nimbus Note Windows

A note-taking app and organizer that helps you manage all your information in one place. Super-documents for establishing a convenient working environment with any type of content, embeds, and files.

nimbusnote.exe exe 198.72 Mb 0 Descargar

Mozilla Sunbird Windows

Sunbird is a calendar and very a advanced organizer for your meetings, bussiness tasks and events by the world-famous Mozilla. Sunbird enables you to add reminders, set alarms, notes or tasks


breaker Windows

We all need breaks when working at the computer but most of us forget to take them. This is Breaker’s purpose, to remind us that we need to take a break. It has two timers: one for the working time

breaker_setup.msi msi 1.23 Mb 0 Descargar

Power Notes Windows

Power Notes, this is a good value tool that has an organizer, reminder and scheduler that will keep you punctual and organized. This powerful tool will organize your desktop notes, reminders and

power-notes.exe exe 2.66 Mb 1 Descargar

Sticky-Notes Windows

Sticky-Notes is a very simple application that allows you to create sticky-notes to put on your desktop, so you never forget about a pending task. For all the sticky-notes you will be able to

sticky-notes.exe exe 848 Kb 0 Descargar

Shock Sticker Windows

Shock Sticker is a software application for creating post-it notes with alarms, memos, schedules, etc. The program installs an icon into the system tray to easily operate by clicking on it. It offers


Freeplane Windows

Mind maps are very useful tools for eliciting, memorizing, and sharing information. This free, open-source program lets you create mind maps in a relatively easy manner. I use the word

freeplane-setup-1.1.3.exe exe 16.37 Mb 0 Descargar

Mindmaster Windows

MindMaster is a cross-platform and multi-functional mind mapping software, which is newly released by Edrawsoft. It provides effective mind mapping solutions for brainstorming, knowledge management,

mindmaster_setup_full5370.exe exe 1.2 Mb 0 Descargar

Daily To-Do List Windows

Daily To-Do List is a simple personal organizer that allows you to organize your daily tasks and appointments in an easy way to ensure that you never forget any of your important events. You can

dailytodolist.exe exe 25.26 Mb 0 Descargar
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