Device Assistants

ZX910 mouse Driver Windows

Deploys the necessary files in the Windows environment and makes the mouse available for configuration with the built-in tool that provides additional customization. Changes the mouse buttons and

driver_zx910.rar rar 5.02 Mb 7 Descargar

ZW Photo Printer Windows

ZW Photo Printer is a small free application to help you print your photographs and all kind of JPEG images in any of your printer or as a PDF file. Its wizard-like interface makes the whole process

zw_photo_printer_2.0_en_setup.exe exe 1.03 Mb 2 Descargar

Zoom Rooms Windows

Integrate cloud-based components into virtual conference rooms. Add Google or Exchange calendar elements, issue reminders in a synchronized manner to all invited participants, mute and unmute

zoomrooms.exe exe 18.42 Mb 8 Descargar

ZKOnline SDK Windows

ZK SDK is a communication protocol SDK development program that provides an interface for data communication with offline fingerprint devices, access control devices, and RFID card devices. It can be

Windows zip 12.34 Mb 2 Descargar

ZiyaCall Windows

With ZiyaCall, make calls to anywhere around the world with one of the lowest rates in town! ZiyaCall's phone services are being supported through a wide variety of products. We have listed the

ziyacall_setup8016.exe exe 1.88 Mb 7 Descargar

ZigZagZoom Windows

Turn your ordinary webcam into a super device with features like Pan and Zoom, Motion Detection, Time-Laps, website uploading and much more. Record video and take zoomed snapshots from your ordinary

setup.exe exe 2.36 Mb 2 Descargar

ZHD3Updater Windows

ZHD3Updater is a new and useful software that you must have it on your computers. An easy to use software that you can get it for free. ZHD3Updater interfaces with to check to see if any

Windows zip 2.93 Mb 2 Descargar

Zelio Soft 2 Windows

Configure Zelio Logic smart relays using code written in FBD or LADDER. The tool automatically compiles programs and detects coherence errors. Zelio Soft 2 is a comprehensive multilingual application

zeliosoft2_5.1_final2.exe exe 58.29 Mb 7 Descargar

ZeFit2Pulse Windows

The ZeFit2Pulse app allows you to set up and update your ZeFit2 Pulse wristband. With this program, you can set up your device, synchronize and check your activity and sleep data, do a firmware

zefit2pulse_for_winpc_v2.0_store.exe exe 31.69 Mb 2 Descargar
Las leyes relativas al uso de este software varían de un país a otro. No fomentamos ni aprobamos el uso de este programa si infringe estas leyes.
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